Farewell Jet Lag | The Author
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The Author

Knowledge, experience, expertise

Christopher is a travel wellness consultant, nutritional therapist and thought leader in the travel wellness space. Having had a 20  year flying career with Britsh Airways PLC  he brings knowledge, experience, expertise and insight to this book.

He shares the passion to change the way people fly by educating and informing the traveling public on how to travel well and healthily long term. As a therapist who can count British Airways cabin crew as private clients he has dealt with frequent flying, jet lag and its consequences at their most brutal.

As a travel wellness consultant running a private jet lag clinic Chris has seen first-hand the impact frequent flying has on business travelers’ health and productivity. He was a co-founder of Global Business Travel Wellness Advisors (GBTWA).

You can buy “Farewell Jet Lag” by Christopher Babayode from Amazon UK and Amazon US.